At Tribeca Synagogue

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Education takes many forms at Synagogue for the Arts, and is woven into the Synagogue's fabric. We have programs for adults, teens, youth and tots.

We have an excellent Hebrew School for students from pre-K to 7th grade and those ready for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah study with the Rabbi. The Rabbi holds weekly Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) classes for adults, along with Parsha and Hebrew Reading for beginners.

Hebrew School Class at SFTAThe congregation includes many who had little formal Jewish education prior to joining us. The High Holy Days Learner's Services provide a "way in" for those seeking greater understanding. The Rabbi is available to provide semi-formal sessions for adults looking for a better grounding. There have been crash courses in reading Hebrew.

Scholarly and informative lectures are held as ideas bubble up from the congregation and groups, both formal and informal, sponsor speakers. These have addressed current events and Israel, as well as less expected topics, such as presentations on the Jews of Iraq and the Jews of India. In a congregation as diverse and creative as this, interesting learning opportunities are always emerging. For special event information, see our Calendar.

New Ways to Learn at SFTA!

Torah learning opportunities on Shabbat from
9 - 9:30am and/or from 1 - 1:30pm.

Potential topics could include Chumash and Rashi, Halacha, Musar, Pirkei Avot, etc.